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This is a resource for finding professional organizations, trade publications, academic journals, etc. for career fields that ENG 160 and 165 students are interested in. What are “professional organizations”? These are non-profit groups that professionals in a field of study or work join in order to gain and continue development of skills, connect with other professionals, keep credentials up-to-date, etc. These organizations are NOT the same as a “company”—which we might also informally speak of as “an organization.” Instead, professional organizations are made up of members who work in a great variety of different specific settings.

For example, English teachers might be members of the Modern Language Association (focused on the study of language as well as teaching literature and humanities) or the National Council of Teachers of English (focused on the practice of teaching English, both at the K-12 and college levels). A professional technical writer might be a member of the Society for Technical Communication (focused on professionals who work in technical documentation or who use technology to communicate). On those websites, I can read the slew of publications MLA produces (or I can see if the library has access to them if a subscription is required), the TYCA-SE Journal, or STC's Intercom

Often, professional organizations have a great membership rate for students, so consider joining one if funds permit (and adding your membership to your resume!). 

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