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Copyright Quiz

MTC Copyright Information

Midlands Technical College Library provides a copyright notice statement in each library location adjacent to all library copy machines.

For access to the college's information on Copyright Infringement, see the following link Copyright infringement.

For faculty and staff copyright policy, see the college's Policies and Procedures Manual 1.13 and 1.13.1.

Visit the link below for more resources and websites related to copyright.


As required by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Midlands Technical College has designated an agent to receive notification of claimed infringement on MTC's web site. If you believe your work is being infringed on MTC's web site, please notify our copyright agent:

Aleck Williams
Midlands Technical College
P.O. Box 2408
Columbia, SC 29202

Phone: (803) 822-3678

Copyright in the News

What types of works does copyright protect?

In order to qualify for copyright protection, the work must be "fixed in a tangible medium of expression.In other words, it must be in any physical form or have been on paper or any other medium for some period of time, no matter how brief.

The following works are protected by copyright: poetry, movies, video games, plays, paintings, sheet music, recorded music performances, novels, software code, sculptures, photographs, choreography, and architectural designs.

Copyright does not protect ideas or facts.

Adapted from Stanford University Libraries Copyright Basics


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