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Discipline Specific Teaching Journals

Discipline Specific Teaching Journals at MTC

Discipline Specific Teaching Journals

Welcome to our comprehensive LibGuide designed to assist MTC faculty in navigating the vast landscape of discipline-specific teaching journals. As educators committed to excellence in pedagogy, staying abreast of the latest research and innovative practices is essential for fostering student success. This curated collection of resources aims to streamline your search process, offering tailored recommendations across various disciplines. Whether you're exploring advancements in STEM education, delving into humanities teaching methodologies, or seeking insights into vocational training strategies, this guide is your gateway to scholarly insights tailored to the unique needs of college educators.


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Aleck Williams Photo

Aleck Williams, Reference Librarian & Copyright Agent

Liaison to Math, Healthcare, Paralegal Studies, and Science

Evelyn Burger Photo

Evelyn Burger, Reference Librarian

Liaison to Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing & Skilled Trades

Brad Whitehead photo

Brad Whitehead, Reference Librarian

Liaison to Anthropology, Geography, History, and Political Science

Erica Huff photo

Erica Huff, Reference Librarian

Liaison to Music, Philosophy, and Religion

Georgina Dempsey flower photo

Georgina Dempsey, Collection Development Librarian

Liaison to Business and Economics

Huyen Maluck photo

Huyen Maluck, Reference Librarian

Liaison to Art, American Literature, and Theatre

Laura Baker photo

Laura Baker, Library Director

Liaison to Early Childhood, Education, Children's Literature, and Sociology

Marilyn Green Photo

Marilyn Green, Cataloging Librarian

Liaison to American Sign Language, Criminal Justice, and Psychology

Rachel Zitzman Photo

Rachel Zitzman, Instruction Librarian

Liaison to World Literature, Foreign Languages, and Composition

Shawn Carraway dog photo

Shawn Carraway, Systems Librarian

Liaison to Information Technology


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