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MAT 032: Developmental Mathematics: Course Resources


The Mathematics Teacher (available in print at the Beltline Library)

MAT 032 Developmental Mathematics

This libguide serves as a resource for students who are taking Developmental Mathematics and all students who would like to learn more or refresh their knowledge.  We hope this libguide will help you become successful in your class at MTC!

OER: Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics: Book 1 – 2nd Edition

Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics: Book 1 – 2nd Edition

Book Description: This is book one in a six-book series on fundamental mathematics for adult learners. These books include glossaries, self-tests, practice requests, grades, records, and unit tests. Ancillary Resources include the Instructor's Manual. Topics in this book include: number and number operations, patterns, functions and relations, real-life applications, geometry, and time. These books align with the learning outcomes for Adult Fundamental Math as outlined in the BC ABE Articulation Handbook.

Creative Commons License: Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY   

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Adult Literacy Fundamental Mathematics: Book 1 - 2nd Edition by Wendy Tagami and Liz Girard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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