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Pascal Delivers: Information

How to use the Pascal Delivers service


About PASCAL Delivers Print

About PASCAL Delivers

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Pascal Delivers Print

PASCAL Delivers Print is a rapid book-delivery service provided by the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries that enables students, faculty and staff across the state to request and receive books from academic libraries in South Carolina. Over 12 million print items are available and books usually arrive within a few days!

To place a PASCAL Delivers request:

From the MTC library website ( look for the ONESEARCH box. Search for your title or subject area. If the book is not available at Midlands Technical College, limit your search to PASCAL Delivers by choosing advanced search and the subset PASCAL Delivers. 

If you want to get books from South Carolina Academic Libraries, search Pascal Delivers!

In the OneSearch box search for Pascal Delivers books by title or keywords. Sign into your MyMTC account to place a request.  Choose the blue request button and fill out the form. If a college can fill your request, your book should be delivered within a week. You will be notified by the owning library that your book is available for pick up at the Midlands Technical College library.


About PASCAL Delivers Digital


About PASCAL Delivers Digital


        PASCAL Delivers Digital enables students, faculty, and staff at participating PASCAL libraries to request and receive digital copies of articles and chapters from other academic libraries in South Carolina. The PASCAL Delivers Digital service is free to eligible borrowers. 


Make your request following the instructions for PASCAL Delivers. Include chapter and/or article specifics and agree to the copyright notification to complete your request.

PASCAL Delivers Print Renewals

About PASCAL Delivers Renewals

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Pascal Delivers Print Renewals

PASCAL Delivers books are loaned for a 6 week period. Items can be renewed for one additional 6 week period. Borrowers can access their library account and renew materials from the Midlands Technical College library website ( Choose the General Library Information tab. Scroll down to Renewals. Sign into your account using your MyMTC user name and password. Choose lending library institution name from list. You will see your loans and have the option to renew.


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