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News Sources: Left and Right Wing Bias in Journals/Media: Home

This guide will help students identify and locate news sources with Liberal, Conservative or Libertarian bias.

How to Use this Guide

News sources, and even research articles, often contain bias. This guide presents reputable sources which have made their biases explicit. These include newspapers and magazines that report factual news but also print political opinion pieces (or editorials), as well as "journals of opinion" which present essays and research articles from the perspective of their authors' and editorial boards' political philosophies.

You may find other news or opinion sources that are less honest about editorial bias. Readers must use their critical thinking skills as these sources sometimes rely on misinformation, incomplete information, or information taken out of context to convince others of their point of view.

Left-Leaning or Liberal Media Sources


Crash Course: Political Ideology

Neutral (Center) Media Sources

Libertarian Journals/News Media

Examining Both Sides of an Issue

Right-Leaning or Conservative Media Sources

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