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List of Nursing Journals in print in the library (some online access)

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Nursing Tutorial


Here is the Nursing 115 tutorial. It will help you learn about the library, the differences between journals and magazines, and how to search CINAHL for professional nursing articles and Academic Search Premier for magazine articles.

Using CINAHL: A tutorial

How to use the R2 Digital Library


 Finding eBooks using the R2 Digital Library 

The R2 Digital Library provides access to Nursing and Allied Health eBooks from multiple publishers.  The eBooks work together to form a database enabling searching and browsing across publications.

Create a user profile (top right corner of login page) to access eBooks 24/7 and create the ability save your bookmarks, citations, references, and images over time.


Step 1: Access the library's website at:
Step 2: Scroll down and click on databases.
Step 3: Click on R then choose R2 Digital Library.
Step 4: Select Browse to discover the many disciplines or type in your topic in the search box.
Step 5: Access a title by clicking the title or image of the eBook.

Watch the R2 Digital Library tutorial video below. 


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