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Preventing Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty Tutorial

A guide to define and identify plagiarism and its consequences and teach the concept of academic integrity.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

The popularity and accessibility of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google Bard have increased significantly. These tools have the potential to reshape the future of work, research, and technology. However, using them inappropriately can conflict with academic integrity at Midlands Technical College.

All students have a responsibility to complete academic activities with honesty and fairness. Each student also has the responsibility to uphold the professional and ethical standards found in their program’s academic honor code. It is not acceptable for students to submit work without acknowledging any word-for-word use or paraphrasing of writing, ideas, or other work that is not their own. These requirements apply to all students.

To maintain a culture of academic integrity, generative AI tools should not be used in course assignments unless authorized by the course instructor. While some instructors may approve of the use of these tools for specific academic goals, they should only be used with explicit permission and within the parameters set by the instructor.

Even when used with permission, there is an increased risk of plagiarism and cheating if ChatGPT is used to prepare or write essays and outlines without proper citation.

Read more about using generative AI responsibly in MTC Library’s Citing Your Sources LibGuide.


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