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Preventing Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty Tutorial

A guide to define and identify plagiarism and its consequences and teach the concept of academic integrity.

How to Cite Sources

At this point in the tutorial, you hopefully have a grasp on why we cite sources and what needs to be cited. Now, let's talk about how to cite sources. No matter the specified citation style, you will be required to create a list of references and cite the sources in your work. The citation may be made as an in-text citation, a footnote, or an endnote, depending on the style guide you are following.

To learn more about how to cite sources, visit Citing Your Sources.
Popular Citation Styles
There are different ways to cite your sources. The style you use usually depends on the academic discipline in which you are engaged. Consult with your instructor to make sure that you use the most appropriate style.


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